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[Jul. 12th, 2006|09:00 am]
Yarn Critiques


Great idea for a community! there are so many yarns tat I have, shall we say, strong feelings about. I'm going to review one that I've always hated until a couple weeks ago:

Red Heart Classic Yarn

Machine wash and dry
100% acrylic
Solids: 3-1/2 ounces (99 grams) 198 yards
Ombres: 3 ounces (85% grams) 174 yards
4"=17 stitches on size 8 needles. Suggested crochet hook: I9

Hook/Needle Size Used: Variable for me, usually a crochet hook J or so
Craft: crochet
Experience at Craft: errr, lots of years (> 30 but that makes me sound so old. I learned when I was really really young!)
Pros: stiffness and ability to hold shape also quite readily available at most large craft stores and online.
Cons: sticky to use in the heat
Overall impression: I've purchased this yarn several times because it is quite inexpensive to buy in bulk and comes in lots of colors. Unless you crochet a fairly open pattern, your object will end up being quite stiff. However, since I've recently started crocheting more sculptural objects, it's perfect for things where you want shape and not drape. So, for people doing amigurumi (vowels in the right place?), hyperbolic planes, bowls, bags, etc. it's great. However, for clothing or tight afgans I find it unsatisfactory.

[User Picture]From: perpet
2006-07-12 02:26 pm (UTC)
I've noticed the stickiness of Red Heart when it's hot. It's a definite pain. I do agree, however, that it's a great yarn if you want something to maintain shape. I put a good-sized brim on a hat recently, and it sticks up all on its own.
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[User Picture]From: quincy134
2006-07-13 11:33 am (UTC)


I find that with knitting, this yarn squeaks against the needles a lot. It also pills up a bit after wear. But it is great for things like amigurumi!
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