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yarn_crit's Journal

Yarn Critiques
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The point of this community is to give yarn crafters a way to rate yarns through first-hand experience. If you’re looking to bitch and moan because the yarn you’re using is “too fluffy” or “too rough”, you’re in the wrong community. This is a constructive criticism community for yarn to allow other crafters to see the good and the bad of working with a particular yarn.

All yarn is welcome. Doesn’t matter how much it cost, where you bought it, or what name’s on the label; what matters is the yarn and what it’s like to work into a project.

And now, the rules:

1. Every post must include the following:

Brand of Yarn: [Lion Brand, Red Heart, Debbie Bliss, Handspun etc.]
Yarn Content: [100% cotton, 51% Nylon/49% Acrylic, etc.]
Recommended Hook/Needle Size:
Hook/Needle Size Used:
Craft: [Knit, Crochet, etc.]
Experience at Craft: [Less than a year, one to two years, two to four years, etc.]
Pros: [What did you like about the yarn?]
Cons: [Was the yarn easily tangled? Did it unravel? Etc.]
Overall impression: [Explain why you liked it or disliked, etc.]

Posting a picture of the finished project is optional but always welcome.

2. If you are critiquing any handspun, non-commercial yarn, you need to provide information on how others can buy the yarn or, if the yarn is bad, how to avoid it.

2b. You may not, under any circumstances, critique your own handspun yarn. This is a place for objective critique, and no matter how objective you think you are, you're going to favor your own yarn.

3. Posts asking for a general review of a yarn will be deleted. This is a place for the specifics of specific yarn. If you want to know how a yarn works up and it hasn’t been reviewed in the community, try the yarn yourself and let us know.

4. Do not post any requests for patterns for a particular yarn. This isn’t the community for that. There are plenty of other communities dedicated to finding patterns. Go to one of them.

5. If you disagree with someone’s rating, do so respectfully. Name-calling and flaming will get you banned. This is a community for discussing yarn, not being childish.

6. If you want to promo another community, e-mail the mod first. You must have permission before you promo. If you post a promo without permission, you will be banned. If the mod turns you down you don’t get to promo.
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